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We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous 2015!!!

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When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted, or with gratitude.

– G. K. Chesterton

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Here at CSR, we wish you a stress-free, insightful Holiday season! In this post-Thanksgiving month of winter celebrations, we are aware that we have a lot to be grateful for. Read on for this “Thank You” edition of Research with a Twist, titled, “Holiday Cheers!”

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Julie Brown

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Mark Palmerino

Executive Vice President
articleOneHoliday Cheers
When CSR talks about holiday cheer at this time of year, we’re usually asking to pass the eggnog (yum)! In this festive spirit, we’d like to say “Cheers!” (a.k.a. “send a shout out,” for our Millennial readers) to our research partners who made 2014 so special.

At CSR, we are blessed with outstanding clients. We’d like to thank all of you for another great year of your business, insight and professionalism. We appreciate your partnership and the trust you put in us when we work together. Cheers to you!

In addition, some of you truly went above and beyond in your thoughtfulness and kindness to us over this past year, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge what a huge, positive impact this has had on us.

The following are some of the examples of client wondrous-ness that made our year memorable. So as not to embarrass anyone, we’ve decided not to name names. Hopefully you know who you are!
  1. End-of-Project Gifts

    This year marked the beginning of a partnership with a prestigious financial services company. After our first project together earlier this year, our contact at this organization sent us presents!! We got a fantastic surprise “care package” filled with goodies for the research team and our families!

    Hard to beat this, really. For those of you interested in trying, though, here’s our mailing address. Just sayin’.
  1. Presenting with us at Conferences

    We’d also like to thank one of our longstanding clients, who took a lot of time and effort this year to present with us at a research conference. Our presentation was well-received, and our client took the time to make the effort a success. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work closely with this research leader.

    At the conference, we noticed that other vendors took this client on a yacht ride as a fun extracurricular activity. Here at CSR, we do not have a yacht. The closest we have to such luxury is the Uber app on our phones. So, extra, double “thank you”s to this person for continuing to build our relationship despite our yacht-less-ness! If we did have a luxury boat of any kind, you’d be the first we’d invite for a ride.
  1. Thank-You Notes

    We’d like to extend our appreciation also to the considerate client who sent us a thank-you note recently. After we’d transmitted our final deliverable to this person, he sent a note saying that what we had provided was, “Exactly what I need to share with internal clients,” and thanked us for our efforts.

    Many of our clients thank us for our work, and we want to let all of you know that it means a lot to us! It gives us the kind of warm, glow-y feeling that makes up for having no yacht. Cheers!
  1. Not Throwing Us Under the Yacht, We Mean, Bus

    Granted, this isn’t something that explicitly goes on our list for Santa, but when it happens (or rather, doesn’t), it’s the best thing ever!

    As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, at what was scheduled to be a final presentation with a client organization, a Board member who was heavily involved throughout the entire process, including sample development, didn’t like the results. This led to a series of difficult questions regarding the inclusion of certain research participants.

    Rather than say, “Who, me? It was THEM, those clueless VENDORS!” our wonderful primary contact at this organization dealt professionally but firmly with the questions, calmed the HiPPO, depoliticized and refocused the discussion, and was about as composed as we’ve ever seen anyone in similar situations. Not only did the discussion stay on a positive note, but the outcome was an extension of the research effort, which we’ve been retained to support. Kudos to her, and we are eternally grateful for “the content of her character!”
  1. De-Briefing with Us on Partner Selection Criteria

    Often, CSR is selected as the partner of choice by clients. Occasionally we are not. When the latter happens, we like to learn about what we might do differently next time we earn the opportunity to propose on a research project, and whether there are products or services that we can consider adding to our repertoire.

    Recently, we asked one of our prospective clients to participate in a de-briefing call with us about a study for which we were not selected as her organization’s partner. She scheduled time with us that week, and spent 45 minutes talking through the process and offering her ideas for what would make a difference next time around. Her insight and generosity were remarkable, and we appreciated the time she invested in helping us improve. Cheers to all of you who offer us your two cents! If we had two cents for every time someone gave us their two cents, maybe we’d have a yacht by now!
Here’s the Twist: There are many other wonderful stories we could share about our thoughtful clients, and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year. Thank you for reading this, and for being part of the research world! Cheers!

– Julie and Mark

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