Vol. 12, Issue 1, January 2017
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Tell us what you think of our new CSR video. We will send either a copy of Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, upon which Hamilton: An American Musical was based, or a copy of the movie Frozen to one lucky reader/viewer. Your choice! Send your comments now to csrinfo@csr-bos.com.

(If the video doesn’t play correctly with music, please let us know, and we’ll send you a copy.)
Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me.

– Lin-Manuel Miranda, in the role of Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton, An American Musical
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Hello and Happy New Year!
Help us celebrate 2017 and an important CSR milestone by reading this month’s edition of CSR’s newsletter, “What Is Your Legacy?”

– Julie
What Is Your Legacy?
The start of a new year brings a time for reflection, anticipation and celebration.

We are writing this newsletter in early January, before the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. By the time you read this, history will have been made once again.

There has been much discussion recently of legacy: To draw once more from a favorite source of inspiration, Hamilton: An American Musical, “from here on in, history has its eyes on you”. The musings of George Washington, as he gives advice to the young Alexander Hamilton, apply to all of us, no matter what challenges we face. So we ask ourselves, what is CSR’s legacy? What impact have we had, and what have we accomplished over the years?

With the publication of this month’s newsletter, we have reached a major milestone. CSR has published one hundred editions of Research with a Twist! (That popping sound you hear is all the champagne bottles we are opening.)

We certainly hope that you have enjoyed reading our newsletters as much as we have enjoyed publishing them. Many of you have provided us with kind feedback over the years, which has motivated us to keep publishing. We are always grateful to learn that people are reading and enjoying our musings on research, life, and everything in between!

To underscore our commitment to these three things (research, life, and everything in between), we have a “creation” we would like to share with you. Let us explain:
  1. Where were you 100 issues ago?

    In September, 2005, CSR published its first issue of Research with a Twist. In that same month, YouTube was launched. Facebook just opened up from university students to high school students. And Twitter hadn’t even been founded.

    At CSR, we were already partnering with some of the clients we still work with today. Many in our industry thought that analysis of “big data” would eliminate the need for market research, and CSR’s advocacy for the irreplaceable value of qualitative research, especially with our “twist” of “quantifying” it, began.
  1. “History has its eyes on you…”

    Here we are, today, in 2017. Contrary to the contrarians back in 2005, analysis of big data did not make market research obsolete. In fact, according to a market analysis published a few months ago, the market research industry is growing, and will continue to do so over the next several years. It’s not about “big data”; it’s about “big insights”.

    We feel vindicated to have been on the right side of history on this issue. As a pioneer in the use of technology-based content analysis, we have always been focused on the additional insights to be obtained from combining the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. While the traditional lines between qualitative and quantitative research have been blurring recently, CSR has operated in this blurred space all along. Our process combines the richness of qualitative insights with the scale and efficiencies of quantitative techniques, generating better insights for our clients. This is part of our legacy.

    So how do we do this? What is different about our approach? Using some of the tried and true tools of a market researcher, we decided to make a video.
  1. Introducing CSR: The Movie

    So, if you’ve been reading this newsletter (or talking with us at all, or emailing with us, or texting us) over the past year, you know how obsessed we are with Hamilton: An American Musical. In fact, during a team meeting a few months ago, one of us observed that CSR’s approach to content analysis was like the difference between coding Frozen and coding Hamilton. We all got quiet. Oh! That’s really true! Whoa.

    Rather than explain what this means, we hope you’ll just watch the resulting video for yourself. We hope you will download it, and share it with colleagues.
Here’s the Twist: This issue is our 100th edition of Research with a Twist! In honor of this milestone, we’ve combined two of our great passions, CSR’s qualitative-into-quantitative research approach, and Hamilton: An American Musical, to create a video that we hope you enjoy and find memorable. Let’s raise a glass to the next one hundred issues of Research with a Twist!

– Julie

Mixology (Putting Research into Practice)
Are you curious about CSR’s content analysis prowess after watching our video? In thinking about what to include in our Mixology for this newsletter, we considered applying our content analysis tool to all the Mixology sections from the last 99 newsletters. That would have created quite the “warehouse” of ideas!

Instead, we’ll simply focus on our own legacy of game-changing work for our clients. Our unique analytical processes and tools have enabled us to provide outstanding value to our clients in many areas. For more information, please check out this section of our website.
  • Executive Circles: In addition to engaging top-level business decision-makers one-on-one, see (and track and leverage) what happens when they talk with each other, now and over time. We’ve run multiple executive circles, some over a period of years, providing unexpected insights based on the power of our approach.
  • Competitive Advantage: Why does your company win sales? Why does it lose customers? The answers to these questions are money in your pocket, particularly after content-coding and analyzing the results to identify common themes and differences between “Wins” and “Losses”. We started doing this in 1995 with early versions of our technology when we could process extensive amounts of qualitative input for the first time, and remain a leader in supporting clients who want to “dig deep” into the reasons for success and failure in opportunities in which they have often invested hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Customer Needs and Experiences: Get to know your customers’ needs and habits by talking with them at regular intervals about how they spend their days. Of course, many companies make this an important practice. With traditional approaches, however, “regular intervals” usually means a schedule like “quarterly”. Using our approach, our clients interact with their customers much more frequently, gathering their customers’ challenges and frustrations “real time”. This provides our clients the opportunity to create solutions to problems that their customers otherwise wouldn’t have remembered to share with an interviewer. We started sharing our experience with this “lite” approach to typical ethnography methods more than 10 years ago, and were a pioneer in the use of phone and other low-cost channels to gather real-time feedback from study participants.
  • Business Intelligence: Create a meaningful data warehouse of the extensive qualitative data that you have developed from years of research and across a multitude of sources. Imagine organizing and accessing all the focus groups, open-ended verbatims and in-depth interviews that you’ve collected over the years! With CSR’s help, you can develop ongoing insights from this warehouse to support decision-making about products, markets and opportunities.
We’re proud to have been at the forefront of technology-driven content analysis more than 20 years ago, and we’re still giving it our best shot! That’s our history, and that’s our legacy.


About Us
The Center for Strategy Research, Inc. (CSR) is a research firm. The “Twist” to what we offer is this: We combine open-ended questioning with our proprietary technology to create quantifiable data. As a result our clients gain more actionable and valuable insights from their research efforts.
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